With the exception of Holidays, garbage pickup for the Borough of Matamoras is every Monday for Ave. A through Pennsylvania Ave. and Tuesday for Ave. L through Airport Park. If a Holiday falls on a Monday then both pickup days are delayed 1 day. If a Holiday falls on Tuesday, ONLY Tuesday pick is delayed 1 day.  For Christmas, depending on the day off the week December 24th falls on, pickup maybe delayed 2 days.


Cans are limited to a size range of no less than 20-gallon, and no more than 45-gallon capacity. All cans must be designed for accepting refuse and contain lids and handles.

Two (2) cans per property are allowed, however, annual permits for up to four (4) extra containers may be purchased at the Borough Office for $75 each. These permits are valid until the end of each calendar year, regardless of purchase date. If you don’t regularly need over two cans, bags for extra garbage are also available at the cost of $5 each at the Borough Office.

All trash must be placed inside of these containers, with lids snapped in place and securely fastened to the can, as designed. Please no protruding bags or excessive loose garbage in cans. The Street Department is prohibited from accepting any garbage that is not inside of the container. All bags placed on top of the can or on the ground will be refused (with the exception of extra bags purchased at the Borough office).

Cans must be clean & in good condition, placed street side or curbside (whichever is applicable), the Street Department is prohibited from entering on to private property to retrieve cans. All cans must be out, ready for pickup by 7:00 am on the scheduled pick-up day. Occasionally, circumstances arise that causes change of the pick-up route order, and the Street Department may arrive at your residence earlier than expected.

Yard Waste:

The compost facility on LaBarr Lane is open to residents of Matamoras, there is no charge to use this facility.

Hours of operation are:

Monday – Friday 7am to 3pm and Saturday from 8am to 1pm. No plastic bags, large tree limbs or tree stumps will be accepted.

              Yard Waste Collection

Yard waste pickup is scheduled for the day opposite your garbage day. If your garbage is picked up on Monday, your yard waste is scheduled for pickup on Tuesday. If your garbage is picked up on Tuesday, your yard waste is scheduled for Mondays. This schedule is subject to change based on availability of equipment and staffing and may be delayed due to weather conditions.


        Yard waste shall be picked up along the roadway when it meets the following requirements:

  • Waste is placed in a container no larger than 45 gallons and is marked yard waste.  Please secure it with a cover to keep rain water out or drill drainage holes in the bottom of the can.
  • In paper bags made for yard waste. These bags are sold at most local hardware stores. Anything in a plastic bag will not be collected.
  • The container must not exceed 50 pounds.
  • All branches must be cut to a maximum length of six (6) feet with a maximum diameter of two (2) inches. Logs and stumps will not be collected. Smaller branches should be tied in bundles when applicable.
  • Grass clippings also need to be placed in containers. Clippings will not be collected if they are loose on the ground.
  • Collection days will be on Mondays and Tuesday opposite your garbage pickup day. If there is a holiday or bad weather the pickup day with be the next day.

These requirements are to ensure that collection is performed in a safe and timely manner. Please contact the borough office for any questions or concerns.